WMG combines a University of Warwick department and a Catapult centre in an international role model for impactful collaboration between academia and the private sector, driving innovation in science, technology and engineering to enable regional and national growth.  


WMG accelerates productivity and growth in companies by helping them utilise research-led tools and techniques, building profitable and collaborative relationships. WMG understands industrial challenges and helps organisations find the innovative solutions, new technologies or new products they need to succeed commercially.

WMG works in collaboration with organisations of all sizes across many industry sectors, from automotive and aerospace to energy and pharmaceutical. This includes major multi-partner research projects to provide novel and practical solutions to industry challenges, enabling access to cutting edge technology through research testing services, or the company sponsorship of a Doctoral research student to investigate a real challenge that a business or industry sector is facing today or in the future.


We carry out applied research under the broad themes of Energy, Digital Technologies, Intelligent Vehicles, Materials and Manufacturing, and Organisational and Societal Transformation across sectors include automotive, aerospace and defence, digital, construction, energy and utilities, finance, food and drink, healthcare, IT, pharmaceutical, and rail.


Three major programmes through which we deliver research and knowledge transfer are: the WMG centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult, addressing issues around low carbon mobility and energy innovation; the Institute of Digital Healthcare, seeking to improve people’s health and wellbeing through the development, evaluation and implementation of innovative digital technologies; and our SME Innovation Programme, which has worked with over 12,000 SMEs to enable businesses to innovate and bring user focused products to market.