the programme

What is the speed to scale region (ssr) programme?


The SSR Programme brings together the region’s major innovators for the first time in a coordinated programme to up-skill workers and support business growth. The partnership consists of the University of Birmingham, the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), the University of Warwick, and WMG at the University of Warwick.

The SSR programme will have immediate impact and structurally reconfigure the region’s manufacturing base, from SMEs to multi-nationals, making supply chains flexible, responsive and reconfigurable and positioning the West Midlands as the place to be for businesses wishing to scale-up rapidly to meet global demands. This will be a new way of working, manufacturing and doing business, driving the UK’s productivity.

Four innovation powerhouses, the SSR Partners, are founded on social purpose and share a strong Midlands industrial heritage. As two of the UK’s most respected universities and the two largest high value manufacturing catapult centres, it is in our DNA to make a difference. At times of change the bold seek opportunities.

The SSR partnership’s approach, together with the business community’s support, drive and ambition, linked to the West Midlands Mayor’s wider strategic vision and activities, is unique in the UK. This programme will deliver immediate economic impact and recovery and longer term clean, inclusive, sustainable growth.